PENTAGRAM - Your Space Experts

the premier interior design firm specializing in creating exceptional spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and beauty. With our expertise in modular interiors, kitchen design, wardrobes, full home interiors, and commercial spaces, we are the go-to choice for new homeowners, renovation enthusiasts, and those seeking office space transformations.



We pride ourselves on being attentive listeners.

We ensure that we understand your unique requirements and translate them into stunning reality. Our comprehensive product range includes L-shaped kitchens, parallel kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, island kitchens, swing shutters wardrobes, sliding shutters wardrobes, and a variety of customizable storage solutions such as bookshelves, TV units, crockery units, and shoe racks.


A track record of successful project handovers.

With a track record of successful project handovers and glowing customer testimonials, our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors in the industry. Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations, ensuring your dreams come to life. 


Our core values revolve around customer-centricity

At PENTAGRAM, our core values revolve around customer-centricity and transforming aspirations into tangible designs. We understand the importance of personalized spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance your daily life. By combining meticulous attention to detail with our expertise in design trends and functionality, we create spaces that captivate and inspire.


We prioritize your satisfaction throughout the design and execution process.

As your trusted space experts, we prioritize your satisfaction throughout the design and execution process. Our commitment to excellence and customer-driven approach has made us a leading name in the interior design industry. Let PENTAGRAM be your partner in crafting remarkable spaces that truly elevate your living experience.

We follow a research-based process, allowing us to carefully assess all parts of the design before execution. As we deliver turn-key projects, we’ve developed a habit of questioning each execution method, allowing us to replace redundant methods with innovative and new solutions.

At Pentagram, we believe that every dream holds the potential for a remarkable home interior design. We invite you to share your vision with us, to let us understand the essence of what you desire. We listen attentively, ensuring that we capture the nuances of your dream, the emotions and aspirations that will shape the foundation of our design process.


With a team of talented designers at your service, we embark on a transformative journey. Armed with your dreams and our expertise, we meticulously craft a design that reflects your unique style and personality. Our attention to detail, creative flair, and deep understanding of aesthetics ensure that every element of your home interior is thoughtfully curated, from the color palette to the furnishings, creating a harmonious and captivating space.


Bringing your dream to life requires precision and seamless execution. Our experienced team takes charge, coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and artisans to ensure a smooth and efficient process. From managing timelines to overseeing the installation, we meticulously handle every aspect, paying careful attention to even the smallest of details. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned in delivering the highest quality results.


The moment of unveiling your dream-turned-reality has arrived. We take great pride in delivering a finished space that surpasses your expectations. Every corner of your home reflects the careful consideration and expertise that went into the design and execution. As you step into your new haven, we hope it brings you joy, comfort, and a sense of pride. Your happiness is the ultimate reward for us, and we consider it a privilege to have been a part of your journey.


Our inspiration comes from creating something new with each project, just as one would draw new things on a piece of slate. People we look up to: Carlo Scarpa, Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobson, Eero Saarinen and Hans Wegner.